“We are an energy auditing, commissioning, M&V and MEP design firm based in the NE USA. We are also an MBE certified minority small business. “


We analyze 24 months worth of your buildings utility data and provide you with a benchmarking study up to NYC’s Local Law 84, 87 and Energy Audit NYC. We then come to your building with our highly qualified and insured energy engineering staff and perform a full ASHRAE Level I, II, or III comprehensive energy study. Measuring the rate of consumption of all your building’s components (HVAC, Controls, Envelope, Electrical Machinery, Water) gives us a complete understanding of how your building uses electricity, gas, oil and water. Once complete, we will either model or calculate energy efficiency measures that you can implement.

We place a great emphasis on low/no cost energy measures (payback between 0 – 2 years and under $1000 per measure) that will usually pay for the energy audit within the first year. We also evaluate every possible measure that you can implement to achieve maximum energy savings and become an Energy Audit NYC Star Certified Green Building. This includes both measures that payback between 2 – 7 years and more capitally intensive measures (i.e. 10 years or more payback).


Is a tuning or tweaking of your existing equipment to ensure it is running at the highest possible efficiency that it can. An RCx study is recommended every 2 to 5 years in all buildings. RCx is generally understood to save the building between 5 and 30% on Energy Audit NYC savings by simply making sure your systems are running the way they were intended.

We test boiler plants, HVAC units, temperature balancing, air handling equipment, BMS/EMS systems and chillers and cooling towers for energy efficiency. We analyze run time and efficiency, air balancing methods, thermostatic control sequencing, algorithmic programs, equipment calibration and coordination between competing HVAC systems. Paybacks usually range from 0-5 years with a minimal expenditure ranging from controls to upgraded programming equipment to help your machines run to their fullest efficiency while increasing their lifespan.


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