Your Steps to Compliance with Local Law 87 of NYC

1. Benchmark your building in E-Star Portfolio Manager if not already done.

If you are up to date on your Local Law 84 Compliance, then you are all set on this one. Don’t worry though, if you’re behind on your benchmarking, or have any outstanding II84 Penalites, getting up to speed is easy with the right consultants.

Having your building benchmarked prior to the LL87 deadline is essential in order to comply with the law. We can do this for you if you need at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! You can find more information on benchmarking here.

2. Deliver two-years of your buildings utility data to your contracted vendor.

This usually refers to all common areas (hallways and lobby areas) as well as aggregated tenant data. We will request the tenant data from your utility provider for you. It will just require a simple signature from you and we handle the rest!

3. Have an onsite Energy Audit and Retrocommissioning Study.

You will need to have all equipment related to lighting, HVAC and building envelope in your building audited from an energy utilization standpoint.. The auditor will document your current equipment in use, and will look for ways in which the building can become more energy efficient.

The energy auditor will also be looking for any energy usage tuning that may be required per the DOB standards. This can usually be done in one visit, but may take longer depending upon the size, and complexity of your buildings heating and cooling systems.

4. Receive a detailed report analysis on your buildings findings.

Here you will receive a customized, tailored report of your building. This can be anywhere from 50-150 pages on average. This document will include photos and inventories of your equipment, graphs, projected savings, recommended upgrades (energy conservation measures) and any required tunings to your building systems as per the DOB standards.

5. Determine which retrocommissioning tunings need your attention.

Roughly 8 out of 10 buildings will need to have some tuning done. Most of these will be relatively minor, and not all buildings that have deficiencies need to be addressed. The most common RCx measures are cleaning and tuning boilers, weatherstripping around doors, and HVAC pipe insulation per LL87 deadline Requirements.

6. Complete a final walk through and document any potential deficiencies being corrected.

If you are given a list of RCx measures, you should have these completed as soon as possible to avoid any delays in filing your reports with the city. Documented proof will be signed by all corresponding parties, and will be included in the final report to the DOB. These measures MUST be taken care of before we can submit your paperwork to the city.

7. Filing of your EERC forms stamped and sent to the DOB.

The deadline for submission is December 31st each year. The compliance paperwork MUST be stamped by either a registered architect, licensed professional engineer, or a DOB registered energy auditor/retro-commissioning agent.

8. You building has been submitted for compliance in 2017!

Congratulations! We are now 1 step closer to making NYC a greener, greater place. Take a look at some of the energy conservation measures you’ve received in your report. Don’t forget to take advantage of popular incentive programs designed to pay you for upgrading some of your building systems. Some can save building owners upwards of 50% off on equipment upgrades! Give us a call so we can help with this.

Is your building due for LL87 this year?

If so, call us today to receive your free quote and consultation. All energy studies include one year of free benchmarking, and guaranteed compliance with the DOB.

Yadav Solutions, Inc has performed over 200 successful compliance submissions for our clients. Our clients include Macys, Saks 5th Ave, The Standard Hotel and 150 Charles Street in NYC.  We are composed of registered architects and licensed professional engineers who can give you a competitive quote on your energy study.

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