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Local Law 33

LL33 is now the third amendment to the longstanding Local Law 84 requirement to benchmarking energy data. The second amendment, Local Law 133 requires buildings 25,000 square feet and up to benchmark.

The new amendment will require building owners to post an energy score grade on the outside of their buildings within 30 days of receiving their score starting in 2020, which is based on the scale below. The grade will, of course, be reflective of energy consumption for the previous calendar year.

A: 90 – 100
B: 50 – 89
C: 20 – 49
D: 1 – 19
F: No information provided

The law also indicates that audits will be taking place to ensure that appropriate information is entered and shall involve an appropriate sample size of buildings as determined by the department.

LL33 ties in directly with other energy conservation requirements to ultimately make NYC a greener city such as LL88 (a requirement to upgrade common areas to LEDs by 2025) and LL97 (implemented in 2019, a requirement for building owners to decrease their GHG emissions by mandating a set of energy conservation measures to be implemented).

Read more about Local Law 33 here.

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