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Local Law 87 Projects

For Local Law 87 Project 2090 7th Ave NY, NY 10027 which has area 163,440 Sq ft, we tried to implement energy conservation measures to make the building system more energy efficient. We have recommended few energy conservation measures like replaced lights by LED, Insulated heating lines, condensate return lines and Domestic hot water lines to reduce the heat loss. We have applied weather stripping doors to make building envelope even better and also occupancy sensor to conserve electricity.

LL87 ASHRAE Level II Studies:

  1. Saks Fifth Avenue
  2. The Standard Hotel
  3. BMW of Brooklyn
  4. W New York – Times Square
  5. St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf
  6. The Manhattan Center
  7. 25 Tudor City Place
  8. Parker Jewish Institute For Health Care And Rehabilitation

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