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Yadav Solutions is an Energy Efficiency Consulting Firm with solid background experience,
education and credentialing in the energy efficiency industry.
Our primary services are listed below.

Local Law 87

(ASHRAE Level II Energy Study)
local Law 87

Yadav Solutions, Inc. has been performing comprehensive LL87 submissions since the inception of the law. We know what the DOB is looking for and we take your compliance very seriously.

There are several components that a proper LL87 study consists of. These are:

Energy Audit

An on-site inspection and analysis of energy consumption and identifying base building systems (lighting levels, mechanical schedule, building envelope, building documentation). Our staff conducts an in depth analysis of the 24 months of energy consumption and calculates energy conservation measures based off of that data and from what was observed at the property.


The tuning or tweaking of your existing equipment to ensure it is running at the highest possible efficiency that it can. The law requires us to inspect for and have corrected all deficiencies related to energy loss, safety, and functionality of equipment. We then document that the corrections took place and include them in our final reports with calculations that show estimate savings and ROI.

Functional Performance Testing

LL87 requires that all major equipment related to HVAC undergo a functional performance test in the appropriate season (Boilers should be tested in winter during winter loading conditions and chillers and cooling equipment tested in summer). Failure to do this may lead to DOB rejecting the report. Functional testing is part of retro-commissioning during the appropriate season and is standard protocol during a retro-commissioning study. It is also part of the LL87 requirement. This work is always included in our proposal.

This process includes both visual and hands-on inspections, documenting deficiencies, and notating an FPT form which is included in our final reports. Deficiencies may also be identified by analyzing the combustion analysis or making adjustments to pressure controls.

Local Law 84

local Law 84

LL84 (also known as LL33/LL133) Energy Benchmarking is a requirement to submit the previous calendar year of whole building energy data to the city before May 1st of every year. ConEdison and National Grid now provide whole-building aggregated data which includes both tenant and common area energy consumption which will allow for a greater and more in-depth analysis. Energy Benchmarking is a fairly straightforward process, yet the penalties can add up quickly for those that don’t meet the deadline or if it is submitted incorrectly with missing information or metrics.

Our team manages and oversees hundreds of benchmarking submissions every year with a wide range of clients from small companies that oversee a few buildings, to large management firms with portfolios of 50+ buildings that require benchmarking services.

Many other cities are now requiring benchmarking as well. As the laws increase, we have started to branch out our client base to locations like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Below is our standard scope of work when performing Local Law 84 Benchmarking Compliance for NYC Properties.

  1. Collect whole building energy data (and water data, if eligible) from utilities
    1. Obtain aggregated energy data (buildings entire electric and gas consumption measured month to month) from a private utility company.
    2. b. Obtain water data for properties that have had an automatic meter reader installed for at least the previous 12 months (if required).
  2. Measure and record your energy and water usage in Portfolio Manager.
  3. Submit usage data to the city by May 1st through Portfolio Manager.
    1. Identify property by entering BBL and BIN number into Portfolio Manager.
    2. Enter Property Characteristics and basic building information.
    3. Use the Portfolio Manager data quality checker to scan for errors and ensure that all required metrics have populated before submission.
    4. Release Data to the City to Comply with the Benchmarking Law.

In order to complete, this process the benchmarking consultant would need to receive 1 Utility Bill from each supply company (1 ConEdison Bill, 1 National Grid, 1 PSEG, etc).

If applicable, we would also need to receive and include oil consumption data for the previous calendar year (or the name of the company you receive oil from and we can contact them directly).

PCA (Property Conditions Assessments)

Property Conditions Assessments

PCA (Property Condition Assessments) are performed when a commercial property is being bought, sold, refinanced or renovated. The purpose for the assessment is to determine the true value of the property, any underlining issues with either the structure and/or the equipment as well as upcoming maintenance necessary for proper operation. Yadav Solutions Inc. has performed over one hundred property condition assessments on time with accuracy and under budget. Our field agents are highly trained and skilled with both conducting PCA’s as well as report writing in various programs like Quire and Parcel.

ESA (Environmental Site Assessments)

Environmental Site Assessments

ESA (Environmental Site Assessments) are similar to a Property Condition Assessment however instead of looking at the physical structure; you evaluate all the environmental factors past and present that could potentially have an impact on the existing structure and/or the surrounding land. An ESA report is more detailed than a Property Condition Assessment and sometimes require samples to be taken and submitted for testing. Yadav Solutions Inc. is highly trained and skilled at preforming these types of detailed studies and report writing.

Environmental Consulting

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments identify recognized environmental conditions that could be a hazard to tenants, affect property value, mitigate owner or lender liability, and minimize construction delays caused by unforeseen conditions. These Phase I assessments help establish that “all appropriate inquiries” have been performed prior to purchase, to establish a viable defense as an innocent landowner under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act (CERCLA). Environmental scopes can be enhanced to identify and consult on asbestos, lead-based paint, indoor air quality, mold or other contaminants as required by the client.

Phase I Site Assessments (Phase I ESA)

The Phase I ESA process includes site reconnaissance, regulatory database research, interviews and a final report completed in accordance with the ASTM standard. Environmental site assessors perform a thorough inspection of the onsite operations of the property, whether office, residential, retail or industrial. If site history includes regulatory enforcement, file reviews and regulator interviews can provide greater certainty regarding environmental liability.

Phase II Site Assessments (Phase II ESA)

A Phase II ESA is normally undertaken to investigate environmental uncertainties or risks identified in a Phase I ESA and often includes subsurface investigations to determine the presence of water, soil, or vapor contamination. Phase II ESA professionals collect and analyze samples of soil, soil vapor, and/or groundwater to evaluate potential impact. CBRE can also provide additional services to move sites toward

Building Commissioning (CX)

Building Commissioning

Building CX is the process of verifying that all or some of the subsystems for building envelopes, controls, co-generation, HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, and lighting are up to code and are working as intended.

Our team works on new and existing buildings to ensure that all equipment is operating at optimal efficiency, as well as ensuring that components are installed, tested, and maintained to the requirements of the client and local codes.

This process includes analyzing blueprints, functional performance testing, site surveys, client discussions, and final verification by the Commissioning Agent once the systems have been tested and are ready for operation.

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling

Our models represent a computerized simulation of a building that focuses on energy consumption and life cycle costs of all energy related equipment. These are also created for evaluating the payback length of green energy solutions. We are able to use a variety of software (eQUEST, TREAT, Trane/Trace, DOE 2) depending on the clients requests to create a solution tailored to their needs and budget.

Our standard scope of work for Energy Modeling Services is listed below:

  • Analyze, develop and prepare systems write up and ECM creation for model.
  • Design and draft energy model.
  • True up model to billing data provided.
  • Deliver executive summary and modeling results in easy to understand format.
  • Review with client.
  • Determine best programs to obtain most favorable financial aid to client.
  • Liaison between programs and client to begin implementation phase (optional additional cost).
  • Consult and construction monitoring (optional additional cost).
  • M&V Benchmarking (optional additional cost).

MEP Design

MEP Design

Our engineers develop full or partial MEP Design plans for commercial, industrial, and large residential buildings, in addition to offering consulting services for cost estimates and feasibility assessments.

From all stages of the design process, our firm is highly proficient in the preparation of drawings, diagrams, and models of various structures to guide architects in the implementation process.

Recent Projects

  • 15 Franklin Street Seymour, CT
  • 19 Howley Street Peabody, MA
  • 205 N Carolina Hw...lack Mountain, NC
  • 319 Chichamauga Ave Rossville, GA
  • 333 West River Street Providence, RI
  • 400 E Evesham Cherry Hill, NJ
  • 413 Radford Road Dillon, SC
  • 509 Coal Street Pottsville, PA
  • 710 Lake Ave Rochester, NY
  • 7137 Columbia Pike Annandale, VA

Additional Services

Additional Services

Additional Services

  • M&V Work
  • AutoCAD
  • Capital Needs Assessments
  • Demand Response Engineering
  • Rebate/Incentive Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrade Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency Training
  • Building Operator Plans
  • One-Line Riser Diagrams
  • Custom Energy Engineering Solutions (available upon request)

Schedule A Free Consultation

Schedule A Free Consultation

Our team of Engineers are ready to assist in all of your building related needs, and will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have, or offer any insight as to how we can further help your specific situation. Feel free to reach us any time via email or phone. We are essentially a 24/7 operation that places our clients’ needs and requests as our top priority which is what has helped catapult our business into such widespread success.