About our Team

We are an energy engineering firm that specializes in ASHRAE Level II and III energy audits. What sets us apart is our rigorous functional testing and measurement of energy before and after the implementation of energy conservation measures.

This gives us a distinct advantage of being able to pinpoint our energy usage savings with what equipment and where it originates from within the building.

Yadav Solutions, Inc. has a strong track record of advanced energy auditing, retro-commissioning and energy modeling. Our projects include mixed use, commercial, industrial, educational facilities and multifamily residential buildings. Since 2013, we have been diligently working to serve the property manager, building owner, and engineering community of NYC and beyond

Company Credentials:

  • NYC DOB Approved Energy Auditor and RCx Agent
  • NYC DEP Approved Qualified Combustion Tester
  • DCEP – Data Center Energy Practitioner (Specialist)
  • CEM – Certified Energy Manager
  • BPI – MFBA – Certified Multi-Family Building Analyst
  • CBCP – Certified Building Commissioning Professional
  • CDSM – Certified Demand Side Energy Manager
  • CIEM – Certified Industrial Energy Manager

Management Team


Leanne Rogers

Business Administration 877-787-8574 X5 leanne.rogers@yadavsolutions.com

Drew Ferraro

Director of Operations 877-787-8574 X1 drew.ferraro@yadavsolutions.com

Harshank Jani

Senior Field Staff 877-787-8574 X6 harshank.j@yadavsolutions.com

Matthew Zeigler

VP of Operations 877-787-8574 X4 matt.zeigler@yadavsolutions.com