Property Condition Assessments

Critical building information you rely on to manage risk and optimize your investment.

Property Condition
Assessments And Reports

We perform Property Condition Assessments (PCA) and Property Condition Reports (PCR) for lenders and real estate investors. During the Property Condition Assessment, architects, engineers, and commercial building inspectors assess the subject property in order to understand the condition of the building. A Property Condition Report is generated discussing each building system and its condition. The most important parts of the Property Condition Assessment and Report are the Immediate Repairs Table and the Replacement Reserve Table, which help the client understand how the condition of the building will impact the asset's financial performance.

Our Services

  • Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

    A Property Condition Assessment identifies and documents the general physical condition and quality of improvements on a given property. Our experts detect and present any deficiencies that could have an adverse effect on the property’s cash flow, function or marketability. Each report contains a reserve schedule that identifies immediate need costs as well as significant capital expenditures over the evaluation period.

  • Seismic Risk Analysis

    Analysis of seismic risk to help clients make informed decisions regarding purchase, financing and insurance requirements.

  • Zoning Compliance

    Zoning Compliance reports determine whether a property complies with relative municipal ordinances and identifies nonconforming features and other deficiencies.

  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (Agency)

    We utilize a senior-level, dedicated Agency technical management team for all Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac assignments. This includes market-force, affordable, senior, student, mixed-use, tax credit, small balance loan, manufactured housing, Green reports, construction reports and all other GSE executed platforms.

    • Fannie/Freddie Conventional PCA and ESA Reports

      Conventional Agency PCA and ESA reports are used by institutional lenders to identify and document a property’s general physical condition as well as any environmental concerns. Our PCA Reserve schedules are used in the underwriting process to identify any escrows needed for immediate property needs as well as ongoing required capital expenditures over the term of the loan.

    • Small Balance Loan (SBL) Reports

      An integral part of the Agency management team is a dedicated Small Balance Loan (SBL) team that manages and executes a high volume of these assignments in all regions of the U.S.

    • Green Reports

      Green Reports, also known as Water and Energy Audits, are comprised of an audit and analysis of existing energy and water systems to identify opportunities to reduce consumption through capital investment.

  • Regulatory Consulting

    Real estate development or redevelopment work often requires numerous types of federal, state and local permits or levels of review in order to proceed. Our team of seasoned industry professionals has the in-house expertise to determine what levels of review are required, and assists in obtaining all the relevant approvals in a timely and efficient manner. They include:

    • - NEPA & SEQRA Consultation
    • - State & Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits
    • - Archaeology Surveys
    • - Native American Tribal Coordination
    • - Section 106 (historic) Consultation
    • - Wetland/Floodplain Identification and Permitting
    • - Visual Impact Assessments
    • - Endangered Species Surveys and Consultation

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